MDTU President Tom Starrs on Local Winter Fishing

Deer hunting has kept me off the local streams over the last few weeks but the cold weather will not. With four deer in the freezer and enough steaks for my family and friends, I can now spend more time on the trout stream. Do not put away your trout gear for the winter. In Maryland, one can successfully fish for trout year round. I have, in fact, caught trout consistently every month of the year for three decades. I began trying to catch at least 1 trout every month in 1984 and with 2013 now almost in the books there has not yet been a month since 1984 that I have failed to do so.

After this week’s snow storms the cold weather broke this past Sunday just enough to melt some snow and raise the creek levels a bit. Although the snow melt kept the water cold, it also turned the water a little off-color. This produced perfect conditions to drift a black woolly bugger through the pools on one of the region’s many wild trout streams. Thus I fished one of my favorite tributaries to Western Run in Baltimore County.   --Tom Starrs


The water was up from the snow melt making approaches less detectable to the trout:

In conditions like these short casts are all you need. A black woolly bugger on a 7 ft. 4X tippet is perfect.



There are dozens of streams in Carroll, Baltimore and Harford counties that have wild brown trout. These streams will fish well all winter.