MDTU Resource Committee Update

The MDTU Resource Committee is busy!  With so many miles of coldwater streams just in Baltimore County alone, there are plenty of opportunities to fly fish as well as to help protect, conserve and restore these great resources.  The committee recently participated in a larger chapter strategic planning session.  Based on that meeting, the committee has identified the following key purpose:


"To initiate conservation-related activities and projects among the Maryland TU chapter membership and allied agencies and coordinate, develop and manage implementation of those projects to improve cold water fishery habitat".  


Consistent with national TU’s focus on wild and native fish, we also agreed to focus our efforts on brook trout wherever possible.  A group like MDTU is needed to work with others to best understand and promote conservation of this key species as part of our coldwater resources.  


 Current efforts (and priorities) include:


* Completion of Jones Falls Restoration Project: Committee members are working to help move the design process along and ideally have permits in place by early spring. The removal of concrete in the existing channel will create additional natural channel along this segment of the Jones Falls. Ideally the project will be a showcase of what is possible to help wild trout thrive within a major metropolitan area.

* Actively identify other restoration projects for 2014 and beyond in the greater Baltimore County area and portions of Harford and even upper Carroll County.

* Conducting an inventory through GIS of the chapter area with assessment/identifications of conditions to best help prioritize ongoing needs and possible opportunities.

* Developing partnerships with other groups involved with coldwater resources including National TU, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Baltimore County Government, the National Aquarium, Irvine Nature Center, the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, and more.   

* Continue to reach out to members and non-members alike interested in getting involved in conservation and restoration efforts.


It’s an exciting time to be involved with MDTU. There are unlimited opportunities to help out with the Resource Committee—and no experience is needed!  This is a hands-on group with a role for everyone. 

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:


*Water quality monitoring

*Conducting stream surveys—aquatic life including fish, physical conditions

* Stream restoration planning and construction

* General stream clean-ups

* Riparian and buffer plantings

* Meeting with landowners and other stakeholders


So, if you are interested in joining our team, or learning more, just call or email me! 


Happy Fishing,

Brian Bernstein

Resource Committee or my cell 410-262-4188