Women's Initiative

TU Women’s Initiative

The Trout Unlimited Mandate requires Councils to recruit and appoint a Women’s Initiative Chair whose duties include an annualstrategic plan for TU outreach to women with the purpose of recruiting new women members,managing women’s programs and women’s leadership development. The Women’s Initiative Chair will submit an annual plan and request a budget. The Chair will be in contact with a Women’s Initiative committees at Chapters within their Council and communicate the annual plan and any tools or strategies available to the Chapters. Involvement in planning and executing TU Regional Meetings is suggested. Women’s Initiative Chair will work with Chapters to modify current program/meetings for meaningful engagement with women members and to assist with creating new programs when appropriate. The Women’s Initiative Chair will be elected annually and may serve 4 consecutive 1-year terms.

Maryland Trout Unlmited Women's Initiative

In response to TU, the Marland Chapter forged its own initiative.

Maryland TU has many dedica

ted women anglers who are committed to protecting local streams following TU’s mission to make rivers cleaner, healthier and more fishable. Currently there are about 65 women members in MDTU and the number is growing.

As a grass roots effort campaign, the MDTU Women's Initiatvie  hopes to see an increase in women involvement and work to empower new leaders to share their passion for cold water conservation. Throughout the region, the MDTU Women’s Initiative is partnering with other chapters to connect anglers trough conservation projects such as river cleanups and to engage anglers with fishing outings and clinics to improve techniques. Whether new to the sport or an experienced angler, please consider joining and gathering together for fishing and camaraderie and preserving the environment.


The MDTU Women's Intitative is chaired by Louise Peltier.

 For more information on how you can be part of it and make a difference, visit www.mdtu.org or sent an email to contact@mdtu.org.